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They are close friends with some male college friends as well. George is a psychotherapist who has slept with all of the women.

Lynne Sharon Schwartz - Disturbances in the Field

Victor is an artist who marries Lydia and together they have four children. Gaby gives up her dance career to marry Don, an Orthopedist, and they have two children. Esther marries twice, both times to unsuitable men. Nina has a number of serial monogamous relationships. As the years pass they try to understand the meaning of their lives while dealing with their heartfelt emotions. Their lives intersect in many ways as their relationships endure through the years.

It is difficult to review this book without spoilers. The author carefully and methodically draws out each character as perceived by Lydia. We know that the book is building up to something very major and tragic but there is no hint of what it is or when it will come.

Lynne Sharon Schwartz

When it does come, everything is changed. The writing is superb, not a word wasted. This is a book of the mind and the heart. It makes the reader think and cry.


The author has created a major piece of work with this book, one that has enriched me in the reading. You must be logged in to post a comment. Importantly, normal long-term depression was observed in hippocampal slices from Nf1 OPG mice. Results from elevated plus maze testing showed that differences in exploratory activity between Nf1 OPG and WT control mice may be dependent on the environmental context e.

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Importantly, Nf1 OPG mice demonstrated investigative rearing deficits with regard to a novel hanging object suspended on one side of the field which were not rescued by L-dopa administration. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U.

Disturbances in the Field

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