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And after WWI the hospital became one of the leading teaching hospitals in Germany and home to many famous scientists and physicians such as the Nobel Laureates Werner Forssmann , Lydia Rabinowitsch-Kempner and Georg Groscurth who later joined the German resistance against the Nazis. With a diminished population and public coffers at their lowest, the hospital closed forever in Now the former buildings of Krankenhaus Moabit are used by the LaGeSo and refugee medical aid and registration. As in Wedding, laid-off Moabit workers joined the ranks of the communists and took to the streets — clashing frequently with the Nazis, whose popularity was also rising.

The war reduced most of the district to wasteland. Just 50, people remained in Moabit, mainly refugees from the East. Gypsies, Poles and Jews had emigrated, been deported or murdered. When the Berlin Wall went up between Moabit and Mitte in , it fell into a slumber. The eastern end, hosting a massive prison and cut off by the Wall, was unattractive to most. Only artists, students and countercultural types could be attracted by such a dead end. In the s, Moabiters discovered a new local pride when activist granny Klara Franke successfully fought off construction of a new inner-city Autobahn with the help of punk squatters.

When the Wall fell in , students and artists left to explore the new East. Rents dropped even further. In , just 66, people lived in Moabit: Turks, the elderly, day-release prisoners, ex-cons, junkies and a few forerunners. To many Germans, Moabit is still a sore on the body of Berlin, a black hole in the heart of the city, filled with crime, immigrants and poverty.

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List of films set in Berlin

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Moabit: „Lost Island, New Frontier“ :

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Taylor-Camp auf Hawaii: Vertreibung aus dem Paradies - SPIEGEL ONLINE

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List of films set in Berlin

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