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Berlin: Dietrich Reimer Verlag. Fiar 6. PhD thesis, New York University. Ann Arbor: Proquest. Heinrich W. Short bio: Dr. He has spent several years doing fieldwork in Bolivia and Guatemala. Reu currently works on a larger project that will take a comparative look at the relation between Christian religious practice and cultures of democracy in Latin American societies. This project builds on ethnographic work with interethnic associations of lay confraternities that participate in the organization of Catholic patron saint festivals in Bolivia, and with Pentecostal churches in Guatemala.

It speaks to the impact that participation in faith based civil society organizations has on attitudes toward the common good and the state. Contact: Mail: thubinimastoho gmail. International Journal of American Linguistics Journal of Pragmatics 42, The Linguistic Review 26, In Torrens, V. Mangado eds. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, — Since December , he is a professor of general linguistics at the University of Bielefeld.

He investigates several aspects of the grammar of Yucatec Maya and of the Chibchan languages with main emphasis on the phonological, morphological and syntactic reflexes of information structure in these languages. Translocational positionalities of indigenous migrants under colonial rule.

Across Disciplines, Regions, and Periods. Bielefeld: Transcript, p. Frankfurt a. Practices, Theory and Spatial Dimensions. Contact: Mail: s.

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Her research interests include colonial and precolonial Mexico and Peru and questions of migration, belonging and colonialism. Variaciones en el tiempo colonial. Hermosillo: Universidad de Sonora, , pp. XVIII, , pp.

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Contact: Mail: yanezrosales gmail. El caso de los hospitales civiles de Guadalajara. Contact: Mail: paulinalaol gmail.

Catholic Church in the Philippines -

Short bio: A. Insights in the Research of English, Nahuatl, and Spanish. Languages and Cultures in Mexico. Guadalajara Mexico: University of Guadalajara. ISBN: — M. ISBN — M.

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Towards a grammar of zazanilli or riddles in Nahuatl. Guadalajara University. Wilfried Raussert. She worked for 8 years as a French teacher. Later on, she worked during 5 years as assistant professor at the University of Guadalajara where she taught mainly Nahuatl, French and linguistics. In the last 9 years she has been interested in researching Nahua culture and language from different perspectives such as: sociolinguistics, theoretical linguistics and cultural studies.

I am also completing articles on bilingualism in the works of the Nahua historian Chimalpahin Quauhtlehuanitzin and on Nahuatl-Spanish translations of agricultural hymns recorded by evangelical friars in colonial Mexico. My work on indigenous languages dates to , when several colleagues and I began to study Nahuatl through videoconferencing with Nahua researchers based in Zacatecas, Mexico.

In , I began to study Quechua as a regular course offered at UM. My work on indigenous cultures focuses primarily on the colonial period in Mexico, with an interest in the Andean context as well. More specifically, I investigate representations of the overlooked women in narratives of conquest and the dual domestication of plants and human bodies within empire. Subjects of interest: History of Indigenous Peoples in the Americas. Con las Masas y las Armas! Animating citizenship through migrant labour struggles. Planungsrundschau 23, URL: www. Revista Ecuatoriana de Historia, No.

Lara, Youkhana, Eva eds. Verschiedene Artikel in Matices. She spent 6 months in Bangladesh with GTZ in a project on garment workers. Her main research interests are citizenship, migration and labour, gender and intersectionality, belonging and networks, city and social movements, artistic expressions, affects and micropolitics. Subjects of interest: Film—I have worked on indigenous cinema in Bolivia and the US and there is valuable work to be done both on depiction of and by various Indian groups throughout the Americas.

He is co-editor of the Historical Dictionary of Middle Eastern Cinema and is currently beginning to assemble a collection of essays on New Arab Cinema s. In addition he is working on an article on the relationship between contemporary Iranian cinema and painting, as well as his project on the relationship to the land depicted in American cinema s. Short bio: I am currently a junior studying chemistry with a biology emphasis at the undergraduate level.

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I am interested in the Nahua culture and language and have taken 2 years of Nahuatl variant of La Huasteca Veracruzana. I am also involved with a Nahuatl club on campus whose mission is to provide a space for enrolled students to practice speaking Nahuatl, allow students who are not able to enrol in a Nahuatl course to learn Nahuatl, and create a sustainable Nahuatl program at the University of Utah by hosting events on and off campus including K classroom visits.

Currently, I am working on developing a senior project uses of herbs in Nahua communities specifically for medicinal use. Oxford Guide to the Romance Languages.